Increase the accuracy of a composite locator

06-07-2023 05:52 AM
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We created a composite locator from an address locator and a street locator. The two locators were created from an updated database, using the Swiss template.

Trying geocoding some addresses results in 90% match and 10% tied-unmatch. Unmatched are caused by civic addresses (format: street and house number) entered with abbreviations and without prefixes in the Address field.

From the Rematch Addresses pane we can fix them individually (most however have no feedback) or relaunch the geocoding on unmatch with another locator.

Is there a way to increase the accuracy of geocoding by specifying abbreviations or other procedures?

The address database to be geocoded will still be normalized.

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Could you provide an example of the input address and what the reference data used to build the locator looks like for that address?

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