Inconsistency between BingMap and latest ArcGIS map in MS Power BI

09-28-2021 09:25 AM
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Dear all,

When the layout of ArcGIS map inside MS Power BI was updated in August, we found that there is inconsistency for the result between ArcGIS and Bing.

In the 2nd tab (Project Directory - Map View), when you click any pin on the map, the blue rectangle (Multi-row card) and below (Table) shall display the name and the project narrative respectively.

However, the ArcGIS map does not tally with the correct project name and narrative but Bing Map is correct.

They are the same single source which directly links to the salesforce objects.
Do you have any ideas? Much appreciated.


Issue - ArcGIS map (Project Directory - Map View)

Bing map (Project Directory - Map View)


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