Import of Objects (word-documents, pdf, ...) in ArcGIS Pro Layout

05-14-2018 07:13 AM
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in my opinion, it is currently not possible to integrate Word documents or PDFs into the layout in ArcGIS Pro?

Has anyone already made other findings or experiences?

Or is there already some ideas or considerations of ESRI, when this is to be implemented in ArcGIS Pro (in which update, at which time).

Thanks in advance!

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[ENH-000113280: Request to adding the functionality to insert object linked from Microsoft Office applications in ArcGIS Pro] is marked as Not In Current Product Plan.  Here is the public explanation: 

Currently, there are no plans to support OLE (objects linked to MS applications) in ArcGIS Pro.

To support workflows that previously depended on OLE we are focusing on making improvements from within Pro. For example, we have added an improved table element and are working on improvements to formatting when using copy and paste into text elements from Microsoft Word.

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Glad to know you're considering that, but you are just mentioning text formatting while what is needed is a real OLE object connection(for example to a Powerpoint object) : are there plans for this ? Do you think it's worthwhile creating an new idea  ?


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"To support workflows that previously depended on OLE we are focusing on making improvements from within Pro. "   This is what I am looking for I need to create a Rev table in the Layout.  This is standard for engineering prints.  I am stuck on ArcMAP because of this small lack of functionality in ArcGIS Pro.

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Your issue is closely related to Enable ArcGIS Pro to access ESRI Personal Geodatabases

Please vote to have MS Access Databases enabled in Pro.

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Don't think is related: what Jonas is asking (and I vote for it!) is the ability to add an object in a Map/Layout of Pro, which is still possibile with the Insert->Object function of ArcMap. For example add a Powerpoint slide to a Layout page so that the slide is updated in Pro when it's modified with Powerpoint.

As Kory is saying this has been removed from Pro.

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Has there been any progress on this as this is a very important feature where I work? Many maps made at my company require inserting MS Word docs that can be updated from the doc itself with the changes being reflected in the map. In ArcPro, I have to insert a rectangle, make it the appropriate size (we have a required width for each text box), take a screenshot of the word doc, insert it into the map, and resize the text "picture" to fit within the rectangle. This is pretty unacceptable as there is no real way to guarantee that the text/font sizes will be consistent. Also, the text doesn't appear as clean/clear as it would if it were an OLE since it is just a picture of another doc, not a linked object.


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No sir your are incorrect -- ESRI has been pushing that this is a 32 bit or 64 bit issue, as with Access.  If they give the ability to insert an 32 bit OLE object like Word..Powerpoint...Excel ... then access should be included.  Also ESRI fails to mention the 64 bit drivers for the same products that are available....  I know, on my part, the inability to use Access in future is a show stopping event and I have to start planning to use other products in the happenstance that MS Office platform and MS Access will not be accepted as a data sources.  I have not even looked at Pro since I discovered that it cannot read a personal geodatabase.   The inability for the File geodatabase to be integrated, queried using standard SQL, no external interface and compatible with 3rd party products Prisons my data behind ESRI software.   DATA openness was the draw that made ESRI great, differentiate itself from the others that relied on closed files structures to store and use data...yes those are faster but even slower open access provided much more valued results and workflow.  Are we yet going to go back and repeat past mistakes?

Again I say this is most definitely related problem and issue and voting to Enable ArcGIS Pro to access ESRI Personal Geodatabases  would most definately assure that the insertion of OLE objects can continue to occur.

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Sorry, what I meant is that it is a different request, and I think it's misleading to ask to vote for enabling Personal Geodatabase to obtain a Powerpoint slide in a map. And I also think they might be different (non technical) reasons for having one feature (which ever) and not the other one.

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Leaving Microsoft products aside, is it possible to import a PDF into Layout view?