Imagery Basemap Does Not Show in PDF When Exporting at 600 dpi (Pro 2.5.1)

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07-21-2020 12:47 PM
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After several attempts and a good night sleep, I had the idea to just lower the DPI to 300... and the imagery basemap showed up in the exported map! When I did it again at 600 dpi, no basemap.

Just out of curiosity, why is that?

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Is the Imagery Basemap the one from ArcGIS Online (i.e. World Imagery, etc.)?

FAQ: Is it possible to improve the resolution of a basemap from ArcGIS Online? 

Export to PDF—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

ArcGIS Online#basemap source

--- George T.
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Yes, the Imagery Basemap from AGOL. I didn't realize that the service layers were optimized at 96 dpi. 
"Issues may arise when attempting to print or export maps with service layers, as the map printed is in low quality. Most cached web map services such as those available from ArcGIS Online are designed for viewing on the screen at this resolution and are expected to print at a lower quality because the services are not designed for printing at higher quality. The basemaps are provided as services, thus such behavior is expected."

Thank you for answering my curiosity George Thompson‌!

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wow! I had no idea - thank you @marjorie_jerez ! 

Chalk this up to another thing that works in ArcMap but doesn't work in ArcGIS Pro 2.8.2. I can export the USGSTopo basemap ( to 300 dpi pdf in ArcMap but not in Pro. So sad.

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It's gotten even worse now.  I use 11x17 layouts, and the highest DPI I can successfully export for the USGS Topo is around 50.  My guess is there is some kind of premium membership is coming, just like they got rid of custom reports in Business Analyst online unless you started paying more money.  I miss my old ArcMap where I could reliably export a wall sized map, and the old ESRI where any features taken away were usually replaced with better ones for the same amount of money. 😞

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