Identify Imagery Date in ArcGIS Pro?

06-21-2019 01:12 PM
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Is there a way to use the Explore tool in ArcGIS Pro to identify the date a World Imagery Basemap was captured as you could using the Identify tool in ArcMap? This information seems to be missing in the ArcGIS Pro metadata/popups when selecting a World Imagery basemap. You would think this would be one of THE most important things to include in the metadata and is definitely the main piece of information that people ask for when I create a map for them. 

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Hi Frank, I realize your post is relatively old, but I was having the same problem and found a solution in Pro v2.6. Maybe it will help...

While in 2D with imagery showing, click the "Explore" drop down arrow and select "Visible Layers". Then when you are using the Explore tool, you can click anywhere on the imagery and the Pop-up window should reveal source info.

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