I'm so stuck I feel like I've ckicked every button

01-21-2021 02:10 PM
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So I've just purchased ArcGis Pro and I can't for the life of my find out how to get from the activation page to it letting me sign in with my account when I open the desktop app.

I follow the steps carefully, but then I get to "Activate ArcGIS Online Organization". It says it's activated and then to click the blue button "Activated - Go to ArcGis" is broken! I don't know how to get past this step nor have I been able to make my Organization main page.

When I go to https://www.arcgis.com/home/index.html it just has nothing for me.

In a previous attempt I managed to get it working but was unable to attach my paid for account to it.

I'm completely stuck and have to get this sorted out by tomorrow.


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Sorry to hear you are having issues getting access. The best way to get support on this issue quickly is to contact Esri Customer Services. There are a range of options to contact them available from this page Contact Us . I hope this is helpful.

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Hi Daniel, have you looked at the ArcGIS Pro doc starting with Set up an ArcGIS Online organization? There are some steps you have to go through once your account is active to associate your Pro license with your ArcGIS Online account. Like Louise said, Customer Service can help, but check the doc first.

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I would strongly recommend touching base with the Technical Support Team for your region. They may need to investigate this on your behalf.

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