How To: Update geometry based on lat/long attributes in table

08-19-2019 11:11 AM
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I did an append data function in ArcOnline and a huge number of the points ended up in the same location.  I reviewed the Lat/Long Data in the attribute table and they all had their own unique lat/long.  How can I do a bulk update to all records to align the geometry based on its associated lat/long for that record in ArcGIS Pro?

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Could the existing feature class have been using a projected coordinate system rather than a geographic coordinate system (latitude-longitude)? Like maybe WGS 1984 Web Mercator (auxiliary sphere) AKA EPSG:3857?

That would lead to a lot of points showing up at/near the same place. Did the new points all show up well away from where they should be?


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Yes-ish. As if the first record it loaded it landed correctly then the rest just landed on top of it.

Ill have to look into what I did for the projection.

At any rate, what was done was done, how do I fix it in an efficient manner there are about 1000 records.



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Another option would be to simply export the attribute table and then bring it back in as an event layer based on the lat/long fields and then save it as a new dataset.