How to set scale while downloading a map for offline , so that it will zoom in to street level

02-02-2021 06:08 PM
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Hi there, I need to show the entire New Zealand map in offline mode, so when I created the mmpk file(Topographic base map) to load in offline then at a certain point the map gets blurred and roads/streets are not clearly visible. And the mmpk file is also very heavy (nearly 400mb). And When I added one layer(NZ LINZ topographic) to it then the entire map gets so blurred. How can I create a mmpk file, which is  clear and can be zoomed in to streets ?

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Hi there


I am not a specialist in this field but will attempt to answer some of it, but hopefully someone from Esri can jump in and correct me.

So, firstly, I am surprised that the Topographic basemap that you downloaded gets blurred as it should be a Vector Tile package where the lines should still remain crisp at most scales.  Can you confirm that it is a vector tile package? Under your contents, right-click on the World Topographic Map that you downloaded and go to Properties, then Metadata and confirm that Vector Tile Package is listed under Tags?  Historically enabling Vector Tile Basemaps was done at the administrator level for your organisation, hence we need to check.


I suspect that to create a mmpk of the entire New Zealand you will probably have to go with a Vector Tile Package in your mmpk. The file sizes are just so much smaller than in standard Tile packages. I had a quick look at the NZ LIZ topographic map and it is a geotiff served off an Image Server. To download this at reasonable resolution for NZ will just be too much for any mmpk I suspect. You may need to break the country up into regions and then create an MMPK for each region. 


But it is always best practice to focus on a smaller sample area to test the methodology (resolution and file sizes in this case) to assess whether your approach may be feasible.  So choose a smaller area and then play around with downloading the LNZ topographic map at a resolution that may be acceptable, then try and go larger to see if that can work. However you may find that one of the other Esri Vector Tile basemap options may work for you (take a look at the Navigation basemap, the OpenStreetMap may also be a good option)

Good luck