How to "lock" a DRA/stats (Dynamic Range) for a custom view extend ArcGIS Pro raster symbology?

05-26-2018 08:34 PM
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I work a lot with Satellite Imagery. For an optimal/useful raster display I need to change the default stretch (to a custom strech). In ArcMap it was possible to get very good parameters (statistics on what the stretch is based on) by playing in the symbology window with the "from current display extent" (DRA Dynamic Range) and then "lock" this by choosing "From custom settings (below)".

Unfortunately this seems not to work in ArcGIS Pro (tested on 2.1.2 and below). Is there a way in ArcGIS Pro to "lock" statistics for the raster display from a custom view extend and apply it to the whole image (or a different view extend? I like ArcGIS pro, but missing this feature makes it next to useless for me for creating maps with imperfect satellite imagery (esp. if the imagery contains some clouds or haze) as a basemap.

ArcMap Settings - How to achieve the same in ArcGIS Pro,

##ArcGIS Pro... not possible to lock or copy statistics from a custom extend to be applied for the whole image.

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This solution in Pro is not as convenient as locking the statistics in ArcMAP but it works. My need is similar. I am using a DEM to delineate features with varying changes in elevation. I use the DRA zoomed in to an extent that I can see the features. Essentially the DRA is calculating the statistics of my extent on the fly to give the best fit range. You can achieve this manually for your extent or area by using the Calculate Statistics tool. Just input your raster, then click on the pencil icon next to Area of Interest. An editable polygon will appear in the tool. Click on that, and editing tool options appear. Next draw your polygon to the edges of your extent, area, or however you want to capture the statistics of your raster. Run the tool. When finished, your raster statistics will be re-defined. DRA will be off, and you may have to re-assign your stretch settings to get it to look when you were viewing with the DRA. Optionally, from here, you can click on the symbology tab to save the statistics, Options>Save as XML. To change the raster back, you have to run the Calculate Statistics again on the entire raster or mosaic. Then in the symbology tab, load your saved XML file in Options. 

Someone just posted this add-on. I'm going to give it a try. 

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This blog post seems archived. Is there a way to look at it somehow ?

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its available in Pro


  1. Turn on DRA on the layer



2. Then click on the lock raster below it

3. And the symbology tab will load the new stats.


4. However note that this does not work with percent clip or esri stretch methods.