How to merge disconnected road segments?

09-12-2021 08:02 PM
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Hi, I am working on a large road network data. Somehow I found one road segment is disconnected in the middle. Something like the attachment shows. 

I am wondering is there a way I can merge these two lines into one line? Like define a specific distance, merge the two end points into one, and make the splitter road segments connect to the same point. 

If some one uses the OSMnx, I am talking something similar to the .


Thanks so much!

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If this is a one-off issue, perhaps the topological editing tools could be useful. In Pro, go to Edit > Modify Features > Align features. (see reference here). You can select the segments to align, set the snapping tolerance as needed, and even identify a point location (the node in your image) to align the segments to. 

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