How can Update a feature class automatically with a collector layer

09-22-2021 04:53 PM
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Hi everyone,


I have a layer in the collector which users use to capture some safety features and the source of layer is in the enterprise geodatabase. On the other hand, I have another layer which is in another geodatabase and it contains the collector layer type records and also additional records. Is there anyway to update the second layer based on the layer used in the collector? Eventually, I want to have two types of records in the second layer, one type coming from the collector and another coming from a different resource! 

I don't want to create a view and also I cannot use relationship class as two feature classes are in different geodatabases. 


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Hello, here is one option:

Create a model in ArcGIS Pro that Appends the two data layers to the one layer where you want all the records to live. The inputs can be from different geodatabases. After you create the model, you can schedule it to run every night or however often you need to. I attached a screenshot of how you could set it up.



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