How to identify gaps in a linear network

11-23-2021 09:22 AM
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I have a polyline layer of cycleways and am looking to identify gaps in the network, so if cycleway A stops and then Cycleway B starts again in 100m i'd like to be able to highlight this.

Essentially it is like a nearest neighbour but i want to analyse the features contained within the same layer. Is this possible? I've tried a few tools and checked online but can't find anything that seems to answer my problem.


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Feature Vertices To Points (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

maybe using the endpoint option, so two points would be side-by-side if the end points of the polylines are disjoint/not connected

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Have you considered building a geodatabase topology and setting a rule to tag disconnected nodes (dangles)?

Or (@DanPatterson  suggestion) running Feature Vertices to Points, asking for Start and End points, then Near the points to themselves and finding all points with NEAR_DIST > 0?

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