How to create layer/filters in ArcGIS Pro for a WebApp based on the data from a Survey (Definition queries)

01-10-2022 09:30 AM
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Hi guys,
I am still a rookie on GIS, particularly on ArcGIS Pro, and I have been working with Survey123 for my research work. Now, I would like to give the next step and create a web app based on the data collected so far and open the survey and the App for public submissions and analysis.
I have already created some simple versions using the online tools. But, it is only possible to create a simple tool with many filters/layers and sub-layers that allow users to select only the information relevant for their analysis quickly using ArcGIS Pro.
I have already watched many videos on youtube, but I still have not understood which can be the best approach for my purpose.
What I have done so far was to create and duplicate layers based on the survey feature layer and restrict the information of each layer to show only specific data using "Definitions Queries".
My doubt is if this approach is the most correct and if is there another way of doing this more easily and effectively?
Regarding the simple example in the scheme attached, what I am trying to reach is to:
- Being able to show in the map all the Buildings that are Residential, and, if helpful, to show only the ones with two floors and built with Bricks. Or select religious buildings but select/filter them by religion, showing only churches or mosques on the map, etc.
The goal is to have this ability to select the data to show on the map in a simple way for the user.
I would appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance for your patience and help.

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