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How to create a 50km radius floating polygon to use as measure tool

06-20-2023 04:18 AM
New Contributor III

Hi, trying to think of a way for our users to be able to visually see and measure using a 50km diameter circular polygon within an ArcGIS online app (experience builder)

I've had a play with the create buffer tool available in ArcGIS online, but it creates too many polygons which overlap/dissolve if I use our point set data. Happy to use ArcGIS Pro to create what's needed, not sure what to try though.

Ideally our users would be able to move a 50km polygon which they can position on the map where they need to, or position the map underneath it.  It will be used to measure fires within the 50km radius of a point, or measure all the points within the 50km radius of a particular fire/ fire front.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

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