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How to convert .pitemx file? without access to portal connection

09-16-2023 05:53 PM
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Hi, I'm a beginner in ArcGIS Pro.

I need some help. I already do all methods available on online and other resources, but not solutions.

The problem is,

I downloaded a pitemx file and tried to convert it to a polygon shapefile or anything. But, when I tried every available tool on the geoprocessing tool, it never showed up as a selectable file (on the catalog panel). 

1. I also can't make a connection to the portal (data sources).

2. the pitmex file is uneditable.

3. the pitemx file if I look again, is in PNG32 format.

4. the pitemx file has an attribute table.

5. even when I make a save as a layer (lyrx), still can't do anything after that.

Please, if anyone can help me. I really need to convert the data. Hereby, I submit multiple photos and the pitemx file that I mention.



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