How to convert MBtiles to .tpk files?

08-17-2021 01:35 AM
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I have some MBTiles, and I want to convert it to .tpk files so that I can use them locally in ArcGIS Unity plugin. But how to achieve that? The online information confuses me much.

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The data interoperability extension now supports reading mbtiles, which you can now use to write to FGDB raster, and then create a tile package from that.

The TPKX is now also built on sqlite and the tile structure closely resembles MBTILES, so in theory you could convert pythonically.

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Thanks a lot for your answer. But I'm a pretty newbie with ArcGIS Pro.  Could you tell me how to manipulate step by step?

For example , is "data interoperability extension" a tool or just a term. And how to "reading mbtiles" in ArcGIS Pro? And how to "write to FGDB raster"?

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Interesting idea pythonically.  I'd love to hear if anyone is approaching it this way

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