how to convert from CAD file dwg to Geodatabase features

04-27-2022 03:35 AM
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How can I convert cad file with different layers to specific feature classes for ex. Layers 2000 , 2001 ,2002 I want to convert them together to a polygon feature class with name buildings , and convert layers 2003 , 2004 together to another feature class with name parcels ?


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Have you seen some of the conversion tools for CAD?

CAD To Geodatabase (Conversion)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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Thank you for your quieck answer , but i do not want just to convert from cad to gis i want to convert groups of different layers in autocad to different feature classes in gis as i explained before .

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In AutoCAD, do you have access to the MapExport command?  This command will allow you to select individual lines, points and polygons in AutoCAD and export to a shapefile.  Which then could be exported to a feature class.

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Feature Class to Feature Class GP Tool.

In the Where clause, select Layer "Includes the values(s)", then put check next to the values you want to export to the feature class.




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