How To Connect To A Database (which I access using phpMyAdmin) From ArcGIS PRo

05-26-2022 09:02 AM
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I am by no means a database admin so I apologize in advance. I currently have non-spatial data in a data base I access via phpMyAdmin that is remote and not local on my machine. I access that data base via an https: URL.

Can I connect to that via ArcGIS Pro and are there any specific steps I would need to do to make that happen?

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phpMyAdmin is used to admin MySQL and MariaDB databases.

You should be able to set up a connection using ODBC.

There is a nice blog posting here:

Look at it, try it,  then come back here when you get stuck. I have not tried it yet but usually some things are left out of articles and you will want to ask more questions.

The first problem will be that you cannot use HTTPS for this, you will have to figure out if you can get a connection directly to the database server (on port 3306 usually for MySQL)

Also you will only have READ access if that matters to you -- no edits from ArcGIS.

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