How to add a table or statistics to a Report in ArcPro?

08-12-2021 12:13 PM
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I am new to reporting in ArcGIS Pro. 

I see that you can add a title, headers, footers and charts to a report in ArcGIS Pro. But how do you add a table display or statistic data in a report?


For example, this is what i am trying to do:

Say I have a group of selected sites that are trees. I want to show diameter distribution, so I have a bar chart and under I have a table showing the distribution of diameter values for the records.

It doesn't necessarily have to be a table per say. It can simply be a list the attribute value choices and give record count, and the percentage of the total having that value.

For example, I would like to produce something like this:

                                                        DIAMETER SUMMARY

Size Class Range                            Number of Records                          Percentage of Total

__________________                        __________________                           __________________

1-3 inch                                                            10                                                          25%

4-6 inch                                                            25                                                        62.5%

7+ inches                                                           5                                                         12.5%


I don't mind coding this as well. I would just like to know if its possible and get an idea of what approach I should take.

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