How do I create a reference layer for my VectorTile basemap?

08-21-2020 10:53 AM
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How do I create a reference layer for my VectorTile basemap with ArcGIS Pro?
I created a vector tile and to use it as a basemap in my work, but when I add a layer over my basemap it covers all the labels.
How can I create a reference layer that is over the entire content of the map?



Como criar uma camada de referência para meu basemap VectorTile no ArcGIS Pro?
Criei um vector tile e para usar como basemap em meu trabalho, mas quando adiciono uma camada sobre meu basemap esta cobre todos os rótulos.
Como posso criar uma camade de referência que fique sobre todo o conteúdo do mapa?

Fábio Luiz

Santos-SP / Brasil

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Hi Fabio! Have you tried running the Convert Labels to Annotation tool? This will take labels from either a single layer or an entire map and create an annotation feature class. For specific information regarding usage and parameters, please refer to the documentation below.

Convert labels to annotation - 

Hope this helps!

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I was hoping that ArcGIS Pro would do this job when creating a vector package.

Thank you Veronica!

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