How can intersection points get the streetlines attributes?

03-21-2023 03:01 PM
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Hello I would like to get the street names in the intersection point. Is there any way that I can get the street names? for example, I want red point would have attribute 1 St SW/1 Ave SW. if I get these two attribute, I can concatenate them. I am struggling to get those attributes from the streetlines. 



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Here are some resources I found when I had to create a point layer of street intersections last year.

ESRI BLOG - More Adventures in Overlay: creating a street intersection list (data/model download link is broken)

create point shapefile of street intersections from polyline - ArcEditor


You just need to get the two streets into their own fields and then you can use a field calculation to do a bulk concatenation of the two fields into a new, separate field. Hopefully you don't have more than 2 streets intersecting. 😬



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Thank you Steve

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