How can I change the raster resampling default value to BILINEAR?

11-30-2021 08:24 AM
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The default raster resampling value is NEAREST for any geoprocessing tool on a raster dataset. Is there a reason why this default value needs to be NEAREST?

I usually use BILINEAR as a resampling technique. I know I can change the value under Environments before running a geoprocessing tool. However I wish to set the default value to BILINEAR for ALL geoprocessing tools. Can this be done? If yes: How can I change the raster resampling default value to BILINEAR?

What I tried so far:
I changed the raster resampling method under Project >> Options >> Application >> Raster and Imagery >> Raster Dataset >> Build pyramid settings >> Resampling method to BILINEAR (see Capture.PNG). This works fine for adding rasters to a map - the built pyramids were resampled using BILINEAR. However, this does NOT affect any default values under Environments for e.g. composite bands (see Capture2.PNG) or any other raster geoprocessing tool.

I use ArcGSI Pro 2.8.2 on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro.

Thank you for any suggestions.

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Resampling Method (Environment setting)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

The probable reason is that no new data values are created and image data (ie rgb etc) are not on a continuous measurement scale.  You might prefer this, which would make it a good candidate for an "Idea" even though the current default is the best choice from a data perspective and not a visualization perspective.

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The nearest neighbor assignment resampling technique is the default because it is applicable to both discrete and continuous value types, while the other resampling types—bilinear interpolation and cubic convolution—are only applicable to continuous data.

Certain tools, such as the tools in the Surface toolset, will use bilinear interpolation as the default interpolation technique.