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Hotspot Analysis results

11-01-2019 12:34 PM
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Hi All,

I am performing an emerging hotspot analysis in ArcPro on my 14-year data. The space-time cube was created by aggregating data onto 1-year interval and using defined locations. After performing the emerging hotspot analysis, I used Visualize Space-Time Cube in 3D to display Hot and cold spot results year by year. I found the results did not match the hotspot pattern I got by running a separate HotSpot analysis on the same-year data, although the values are the same.

I was wondering whether I got something wrong here. Any advice? Thanks!

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screen grabs of what you are referring to would help visualize

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So when you say that the results of the Emerging Hot Spot Analysis didn't match those of Hot Spot Analysis (Getis-Ord G* ?), you just mean the symbology, right?  Because the values are the same. 

That makes sense because Hot Spot Analysis is symbolizing z score and p values at one time (a single time slice of a space time cube):

And when you visualize the space time cube through running Emerging Hot Spot Analysis, the symbology is representing the change over time.

How Emerging Hot Spot Analysis works—ArcGIS Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Note how the symbols represent a comparison over time:

I'm not an expert in this realm, but I think this describes what you're seeing.