Hotkeys (Accelerator) Do Not Work

06-15-2021 07:55 PM
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I'm having issues with 'accelerator' / hotkey binding and its really driving me nuts.

I used hotkeys extensively in ArcMap and have had a lot of trouble using them in Pro.  I generally use them to streamline my layout functions (i.e. moving and align marginalia, etc.).

I try and assign hotkey combos, but they don't work.  They seem to accept the changes I make (from the customise ribbon menu, as in the assignment sticks and appears to be there when I go back to change it) but they do not work back out in layout view.  But not consistently.. for example, I can get my Align Top hotkey combo to work (Alt+Up), but not for Align Left/Right/Bottom (using Alt+Left/Right/Down respectively) nor any other kind of combo for those functions (tried a lot of other combos).

Additionally, where a function doubles up, to use the Align functions as an example (i.e. Align exists both in Graphic and Text ribbons) I can't tell which function I'm assigning the hot key to (use you used to be able to do in ArcMap).

This is definitely bugged, has been on every version I've used so far [currently running 2.7.0]

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