Help with Labels downgrading in Vector Tile Package

06-27-2021 11:19 PM
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I have a Vector Tile Package created from ArcGIS Pro. The first time I created this package (Christmas 2020), the below labels came out as expected. When a ran an update 6 months later (June 2021), the labels for the 2 layers shown below have been getting downgraded/modified for no apparent reason. I have not changed the style of these labels at all, except for the purple labels which was to change the scale at which the labels would appear. 


Yet after trying multiple changes to the text styles, the continue to come out black instead of purple. They are simple formats (no complex symbology or halos, etc) so don't know what I'm missing (I've read the documentation on the limitations of Vector Tile Packages and label symbology/positioning). 

In ArcGIS Pro;


In the Vector Tile Package;


The purple features labelling symbology/positioning;





The black cirlces label symbology/positions;





Lindsay Raabe
Forest Products Commission WA
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Would it be easier to modify the style JSON using the Vector Tile Style Editor? I know that doesn't answer the question as to why this happens, though.

In our org, we actually publish our vector tiles with as little styling as possible. So long as the data like text labels and symbology categories are maintained, we have found it easier to create additional styles of the "main" tile service as needed.

There is also the VectorTile Style Simple Editor, which can give you a code-based interface for modifying your styles. Combine that with the Mapbox Style Specification options, and you can actually style your tile service in ways that are currently not available in the "official" style editor linked in the first paragraph. Especially handy for re-ordering, removing, and duplicating layers.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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Thanks for the pointers and suggestions. It would still be good to get an answer on why such basic stuff is being downgraded, but will still look into the links you've provided. At present, the Vector Tile Packages are mainly for use to enable efficient offline downloads in Field Maps and to mimic a service provided by another platform that many of our staff love but isn't compatible with Field Maps. 

Lindsay Raabe
Forest Products Commission WA
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