Ghost map shows up in Geoprocessing and halts program

07-08-2021 09:37 AM
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I am running a python script to create map tile packages from a series of maps containing imagery within an ArcPro project. The code halts when it gets to "Map 3". There is no Map 3 in my ArcPro project.  When I click on the drop down arrow to see the list of maps, it is not there. However, when I open the "Create Map Tile Package" geoprocessing tool it sees a Map 3. How do I get rid of relic maps? This has happened to me many times before. See the images below. 

Map list in geoprocessing taskMap list in geoprocessing task             Map listMap list

You can see Map 3 listed in the                             There is no Map 3 in the list of maps.

geoprocessing task above. 

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Try clearing your map server cache. 

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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