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Geoprocessing Tools Stalling - never finishing

04-02-2024 08:27 AM
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Good morning! 

I'm trying to use the Fill tool and it keeps getting stuck in the middle of the process and never finishes. Its gotten stuck as several different percentages (50, 56, 67, 88, 98, etc). I used this tool with no issue about a week ago, but since Friday I haven't successfully run the tool. 
I can clip rasters without issue, but I had this same issue using the Nibble tool. 

I've tried: using the tool in multiple different project files, clearing my cache, changing the output location, downgrading from ArcGIS pro 3.2 to 3.1, trying different DEM's. Still, the process does not finish. 

I have an advanced license; spatial analysist is active. I'm currently running ArcGIS Pro 3.1.3. 


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Is it a large area with lots of sinks?

Fill has the following cautions

Running the Fill tool can be memory, CPU, and disk intensive. It can require up to four times the disk space of the input raster.

The number of sinks found with the z-limit will determine the length of processing time. The more sinks there are, the longer the processing time will be.

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Agree with Dan, I think you may be running into an issue with available harddrive space.  This technical article provides some insight on how to clear ArcGIS Pro temporary files and maybe, just maybe, allow the GP tool to finish.

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