Geoprocessing service dynamic output in result map service

06-13-2021 03:07 AM
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I would like to let users upload DGN/DWG file to GPService and return the view of CAD features in result map service.

My script worked as expected in ArcMap + ArcGIS Server: DGN/DWG was the file input (upload enable), and Feature Dataset was output, which was picked by result map service and showed all feature classes in it.

But in ArcGIS Pro Feature dataset is no supported output parameter. And for result map service in ArcGIS Pro it is not possible to use multivalue output - Feature Class output with multivalue is not supported.

Every DGN/DWG can have different numbers of layers (Annotation, Points, Polygon, Polylines) so it is not possible to fix the script to the exact number of them.

Thank you for your suggestions.

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