Geocoding with spatial offset

08-21-2021 01:49 PM
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I am trying to geocode addresses of the following form:

"138th St and Lincoln Ave SE corner"

"109th St South side, 100 feet East from 1st Ave"

According to a previous Esri Community post, I should be able to geocode spatial offsets if I use a locator I create myself. Using street centerlines reference data, I applied the Create Locator tool in ArcGIS Pro to create a Street Address locator.

But the offsets are still not being recognized, even with the new locator. When I type a spatial operator into the Locate pane, such as "100 feet East from 109th St and 1st Ave", the results only show the intersection. This is true of both ArcGIS World Geocoding Service and my own locator.

Is there anything specific I have to do when creating the locator for it to recognize spatial offsets?

The previous post I saw was this one:



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