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Geocode service does not consistently return custom output fields on intersection queries

08-16-2023 01:18 PM
New Contributor

I have built a Pro StreetAddress w/Alternate Street Name locator with custom output fields configured to return an attribute of the street layer.  When querying some intersections with the Locate tool in Pro, the custom attributes are returned.  However, if I change the "Match with no zones" setting from the default No to Yes, the custom attributes are no longer returned for these certain intersections.

The behavior of the locator when published to ArcGIS Server is that those intersections consistently fail to return the custom attributes whether or not the "Match with no zones" setting is modified.  The behavior is the same using the Locator tool or the REST findAddressCandidates method.

I am working with ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2 and ArcGIS Server 10.9.1 with the Geocoding Service Quality Patch installed.  Also I am working with a French language locator and Desktop locators built with the same source data don't have this issue.

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