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Generating geoprocessing history after running a model in Pro 2.0

08-22-2017 03:11 AM
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I just ran a model in Pro 2.0 trying to convert 97 Ascii files to raster and then mosaicking them all into one. 

Something seems to have gone wrong as the resulting file only covers a small part of the total area covered by the 97 individual files. The iterator in my model clearly points to a folder containing 97 files and I'm fairly confident the model was built correctly.

To investigate what happened, I want to look at the ModelBuilder documentation window (the one that pops up when you start running the model and documents the process). I stupidly closed this after it finished and am not sure how to recover it. Any advice greatly appreciated. 

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Basically the same question. My model is doing what it is supposed to, but the geoprocessing history is empty. So, I just ran 30 geoprocessing tools, but there is no indication that anything happened. 

That would be the natural place to look, but if they are not there I am really hoping they are someplace. But like this poster, I can't find a log for the model of any kind.

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Pro geoprocessing history ....

Geoprocessing options...

seems to be only Pro tools and not user tools I surmise

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