Format polygon symbol from existing line style?

05-11-2020 04:42 AM
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is there a way to use an existing line symbol in a line style for formatting the outline of a polygon symbol, similar to ArcGIS Desktop's Symbol Selector? Otherwise, complex line symbols would have to be created again.

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Hey Christian,

Currently there is no functional equivalent in ArcGIS Pro to the symbol selector in ArcMap allowing you to use predefined line symbols as a polygon outline.  This is because in ArcGIS Pro the polygon outline is a stroke symbol rather than a line symbol.  However in the Properties section of the Format Polygon Symbol pane you can add symbol layers and effects to recreate for the polygon outlines, many of the same pre-defined styles for line features. 

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Is this for real? You seriously cannot use the pre-made line symbols for polygon outlines? What are you thinking? This needs to be fixed instantly. 

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You can add your support for this functionality over on the ArcGIS Ideas site 

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Still no solution to this? This is infuriating to say the least. Not being able to apply a line style as a polygon outline seems like a colossal oversight to me. Even if the style type has been changed, Pro should be smart enough to convert it as it is essentially the same set of parameters.

This is the type of stuff that not only prevents people from switching to Pro, but hardens people against it's use.

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