Forcing label new line width

03-04-2021 11:37 AM
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Using ArcGIS Pro 2.7.1 with the Maplex labeling engine.

Trying to figure out how to force the maximum width of a label.

I have created a label expression in Arcade:

"Species: " +  DomainName($feature, 'spp')
+ "Height: " + $feature.height
+"DBH: " +$feature.dbh
+"Notes: " + $feature.longtermnotes


And the output I get is:

Species: spruce, engelmann
Height: 55
DBH: 28
Notes: Already half way through life span in this planting strip.


How can I force a paragraph width of say 25 characters?  I'm trying to avoid a long label width from "longtermnotes" field (last label line)

I have found when I go to the label properties:

Position: Stack options, that no mater what I put in for the "Maximum Characters per line" value that it won't limit the width of the label.

Is there a programmatic way to do that with Arcade or a text formatting tag?



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I bet there is a better way of working around the issue, but you could try adding a stacking separator such as "*" and making it not visible.

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yeah, I thought about that, but I'm hoping for a programmatic solution that doesn't require altering data, but your suggestion is appreciated!

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