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10-23-2021 05:45 PM
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I have an advanced license for ArcGIS Pro through my university. I received the more advanced license so I can access the software offline. However, when I try to select this it gives me an error and says I need to contact my admin. I have contacted the university IT department multiple times and they continue to say the license should work. They suggested I contact ERSI support, but I cannot find their email ( is no longer a valid address). When I try to create a report on the website, it says I do not have the authorization to start a report. This seems so silly but can someone please give me an email address to contact the support staff to fix this issue. I am in another country and I do not have to option to make internal calls back to the US.

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How was your institution licensing Pro?

ArcGIS Desktop licensing—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

maybe Named User licensing in ArcGIS Online—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

Also, someone at your institute has "calling" rights.  Ask IT or your instructor who that is and they have to call, students don't have permission.

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Organizations have the option to prevent members from taking ArcGIS Pro offline (In ArcGIS Online). By default, it's turned on.

The University Site license Administrator might be able to help you with this. They need to disable this option temporarily, during which you need to take the license offline. Once the task is completed, they should enable "Prevent members from taking ArcGIS Pro offline".


Only the authorized callers of your University will be able to create a support case from My Esri, if required.


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