ArcGIS Pro Export extremely slow

10-07-2020 09:59 AM
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When I run the attached project and the Global Scene view, when I go to export the animation as a movie, the render is extremely slow. I've tried it three times and it takes days to render just a few frames. I've ran the requirements detection program it says that I have the recommended hardware for "a great experience." The map doesn't see to have a an extreme amount of detail, indeed, within ArcGIS Pro the playback is smooth, it just when it goes to render that it slows down. I've been able to get 42 frames rendered, but that took 1.5 days. 


Thank you for your help!

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Hello, I am having the some problem, any kind of animation from ArcGISPro that I tried does not get exported and than crashes the program without the video being complete. I had tried mpeg4 or AVI with larger videos and even short videos with just 30 seconds. I made System Requirements Lab Analysis for ARCGISPRO 2.7 and I have all the minimum at least in the needs requirements. 

Can anyone help me to solve the issue.


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