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Field Calculation on related tables in ArcGIS Pro

02-08-2019 08:23 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hello ArcGIS Pro‌ team,

Within Pro I am able to pull in hosted feature services which are related. I am then able to configure the popups within Pro to show me attribute values from these related tables. For example:

Related Table 1: {R0L0Small_Valve_AuditsL2Small_Valve_Audit_Results\TURNS:MAX}

Related Table 2: {R1L0Small_Valve_AuditsL1Small_Valve_Audit_Candidates\TURNS:MAX}

I therefore thought it might be possible to also do a field calculation leveraging values from these same related tables.  For example:

TURNS = !R0L0Small_Valve_AuditsL2Small_Valve_Audit_Results\TURNS!

However, this seems a step too far as I'm getting 000539: Error message from Python . Is this possible at all or is this a lost cause?

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