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Field calculation - Many to one from another layer based on intersecting feature

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08-30-2023 12:54 PM
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I will try to explain this as best as I can. I have two feature classes. Feature class 1 (fc1) is a layer that consists of buffers that represent shoreland districts with a bunch of overlapping polygons (indicating overlapping shoreland districts). Using the Union tool, I split out all these overlapping sections so each polygon was split along the overlap. Feature class 2 (fc2) merges all of the identical overlapping polygons into one feature. The images below show the polygons with a transparent fill to show the overlapping polygons (fc1) and the merged polygons (fc2). Feature class 1 has a field that indicates which shoreland district each polygon represents.







What I need to do is populate a shoreland district field in the fc2 layer that represents all the shoreland districts that are part of that polygon. What I think my steps are include selecting the features in fc1 that are geometrically identical to the polygon in question in fc2 and and copying over the shoreland district name. However, I don't know how to do that. I'm hoping I can do all of this within the field calculator. So far I have been able to run the intersects function and and grab the first feature but upon more digging I don't think Intersects is the function I want. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!





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