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Failed to Open Project error

07-20-2023 12:12 PM
New Contributor

I keep getting an error that my project was saved in a newer version of Pro than I am running. It does not show what version it was saved in. I checked for updates and my version is up to date (I actually updated it just a few days AFTER making the project that won't open now). 

The project I am trying to open was definitely last saved in an older version than what I am running. I have no software updates. How do I get my project to open?

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Esri Contributor

Hello @RoslynPeters 

Do you see the same error message as the screenshot in this previous community question ?

If so, you could try the solutions offered there, eg

- Try opening it from ArcGIS Pro (Open Project) as well as Windows Explorer (Double-click Project file).
- Grant read/write access to the current user for the parent folder containing the Project directory.
- From Window Explorer, right-click on the ArcGIS Pro Project File (*.aprx) > Click "Restore Previous Versions".
- Copy the Project file to the default location used when you create a new project.