Extract 3D Voxel according to Shapefile

11-28-2021 09:04 PM
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As I am doing 3D modelling with netCDF format using 'GA Layer 3D To NetCDF', it creates a rectangular box after running the tool. May I know if it is possible to extract a voxel layer with different shape with respect to a specific shapefile?

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extract or view? as in the images in the voxel help section

What is a voxel layer?—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation


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Thanks for the reply. The best case is I want to do both view and extract function, but if it's not possible, I would like to know if I can do either one of them (extraction or view) according to the area defined in shape file. Just like the area indicated by the green colour, so the voxel will be in shape of that area.

Thanks a lot!


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