Export the portion of basemap into mmpk or vtpk

09-22-2021 06:26 AM
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Hi the performance of the map is very importance to our mobile app. Right now, the map take 8 to 10 seconds to finish loading in our react-native mobile app. We checked the performance of the map via the browser tool and found out that most of the time is handle the basemap/basemap tile loading? We want to package the basemap/basemap tile into the mobile apps to improve the performance, how can we do it? If yes, Can we only package the NYC portion of the basemap/basemap tile into the package?

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Is this a portion of an Esri basemap that you want to include?   There are options to export the tiles and use them in your app.  There is documentation about it here.




Or using ArcGIS Pro you can use the 'Download Map" button on the Ribbon...

here are some blog articles about that.





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