Export Report to Word .docx

06-22-2023 05:05 AM
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Is there a way to export a report to word .docx?

ArcPro v 2.9.5

The export window has a drop down that is greyed out, where is the option to activate the drop down menu?

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Hi @MelissaSalich!

No, at this time we do not support export to anything other than PDF. I'm interested in learning why you need Word format--are you planning on further editing the report?


- Alycia

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Is it under consideration by the team?
We need to add graphics and charts to final reports in addition to custom organizational settings. 

We'd love the ability to import a word file and use it as a template, similar how Survey123 reporting works. 

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At this time, we do not have enough requests for Word export for this to be Under Consideration. We always collect cases from our users, which is why I asked what you were doing in Word. Fortunately, graphics and charts can be added to reports through Pro. Without more information on your "organizational settings", it's hard to know what else we could provide through Pro to make your workflows easier and reduce the need for another application at all.

We are planning on supporting Survey123 Word templates to use as a template for creating reports, that is in the product plan, but separate from your original request.

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Hello Aycia!
Could you provide more information or documentation that explains how to generate reports using ArcGIS PRO? Additionally, I would also like some documentation on adding the graphs and tables.

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Hello Alycia - I have an example of a use case that we would benefit from.  Often the non-GIS professional project teams we support need the GIS information and supporting content (i.e. image attachments) provided to them in a report format that allows an easy way to copy and paste as they need into a larger project report or deliverable.  The information and content we provide in the report export will not be inserted to the larger report 'as is' or in it's entirety, but piecemeal as needed. 
Having the ability to export the report from Pro as a word doc would allow us to easily provide the GIS content in the format they are using for their report creation.  As their reports are often under constant adjustment to meet necessary changes based on internal, and external requests we are best able to support them by providing them a report that is already in their working format therefore increasing overall project team efficiency.  Especially if the report we export is structured close to their report needs and gets them 75% of the way there
We have been using the survey123 reporting tools to export out to word to support our teams in this manor so far and the response has been positive and appreciative. 
Having the ability to do so in Pro would open up other options and methods in how we deliver the report documents, so I hope it does become part of the project plan down the road.

- Jon

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Hi Alycia, 

The use case Jon explained below is exactly why I would also find it useful to 1. have the ability to export to a word format, but also 2. having the ability to import a word template to meet business formatting requirements.