Export JP2 from Imagine image caused some missing black colors

03-30-2021 10:20 AM
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Have a question about Export Raster.

In the Contents, you have a Raster that you want to export to another format.

So I have this .img  on my Contents and decided to export to JP2 to reduce the file size and keep the same color without losing anything..

My question is why does export to JPP2 left out some of the colors...


Here is the example from Image file :



Exported to JP2  results :



If you look carefully at the color of black around the Number 22 symbol 

When I export to JP2  My settings were :



Is this a known issues or bug or is it something else do I need to correct it ?


Give you a heads up. The Imagine file was created by our agency's sister GIS Lab


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try another format (png for example)

Losts of issues with jp2

Esri Support Search-Results

search by bugs, most recent ordered

for example

BUG-000093223: Setting a JPEG2000 compression with a quality of 100.. (esri.com)

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