ESRI Map w/ Multiple Customs Pins

02-16-2022 06:50 AM
New Contributor

First off, I'm truly sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm very new to this and I've no idea where to go or where to start. 

I created a project recently using Google Maps that has 100's of custom icons and when you click the icon, a popup of content appears. These icons are populated using a MySQL database. 

What I would like to do is to swap the maps to an ESRI Éire Map. ESRI are the only people I know that have an Irish language map. Is there anyone on here who could point me in the right direction? If I could start by getting some sample code of a custom icon with popup  on the ESRI platform, that would be great and i could look from there to changing it to an Irish language map. 

Any ideas? 

I found sample code of a point with a popup but I can't seem to change it to an icon. 

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