Error when trying to save web map

05-26-2021 12:11 PM
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Hello community,

I'm trying to update a web map in my AGOL by using the "save web map" feature. When I try to do this, I can analyze it with no errors. When I click "save", an error says that the web layer name already exists and to make it a unique name within my organization. I think I found a way around this before by deleting or renaming the web layer in AGOL, but doing this every time defeats the purpose of trying to schedule this to update automatically, unless there is a way to automatically delete the web layer. I think this would mess with the data sources in my dashboard. I have read the article "Get Your Maps in Sync", "Share a web map", and "save a web map" but have not found a solution. I also have yet to see a "sync" button. There is a button that says "update" but I think this updates it from the other direction. I have Arc Pro 2.6. Thank you for your help. 

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As you may have read in the Save a web map help topic, saving a web map in ArcGIS Pro updates the linked web map but does not update existing web layers in ArcGIS Online.

Since it sounds like you need to regularly update your existing web layer, overwriting a web layer seems like the more appropriate workflow for you. The web layer can still exist in a web map. 



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