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Error message when trying to create raster from asc files

10-23-2023 02:43 AM
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I have exported a grid file, .dfs2, to an .asc file, and are trying to create a raster from it in ArcGIS Pro. The .dfs2 file has a grid spacing of 100 meters and spans over an area of 300x300 km. 

The file in question looks like this when opened in Notepad:ascii_photo.pngascii_values.png


I create a folder connection to the location of the .asc file.ArcGIS_ascii.png.

But when I try to either add it straight to my map or when I try to use the Copy Raster tool, I get error message.


I also tried with a file which has a courser grid of 500m instead of 100m and create a raster out of that .asc file, but it gave me the same error, and the .asc look like this.


I don't know if it's the file that is the problem or I am using a wrong tool.


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I don't know the dfs2 format or export options, just posting to say that what you show is not an Esri ArcGIS ASCII format grid.

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