Error in using Split Building into Floors (CreateFloors)

03-11-2021 06:34 PM
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Hi everyone.

I'm using Split Building into Floors (CreateFloors) tools from 3D Basemaps toolbox. However, I've been receiving this error frequently. Can anyone explain why I received the error and how to solve it?

Error in Split Buildings into Floors.jpg

Attached together is the image of how I configure the input

Input in Split Buildings into Floors.jpg


I actually want to separate my building 3d model by floors just as the link attached.

Building Floors Creation process - Local Government 3D Basemaps | ArcGIS Solutions

I also welcome you all to suggest alternative ways to separate the buildings 3d model by floors besides using this tool.

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Were you able to figure this out? I'm currently having the same issue.

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Can you please share the toolbox so that I can try to go through the error once? 

you can share it at

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