Error in using Split Building into Floors (CreateFloors)

03-11-2021 06:34 PM
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Hi everyone.

I'm using Split Building into Floors (CreateFloors) tools from 3D Basemaps toolbox. However, I've been receiving this error frequently. Can anyone explain why I received the error and how to solve it?

Error in Split Buildings into Floors.jpg

Attached together is the image of how I configure the input

Input in Split Buildings into Floors.jpg


I actually want to separate my building 3d model by floors just as the link attached.

Building Floors Creation process - Local Government 3D Basemaps | ArcGIS Solutions

I also welcome you all to suggest alternative ways to separate the buildings 3d model by floors besides using this tool.

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Were you able to figure this out? I'm currently having the same issue.

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Can you please share the toolbox so that I can try to go through the error once? 

you can share it at

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Hey, can you share the toolbox to me? 

I've been finding all over the web but can't find it, and eventually I'm also working on the same building splitting project.

Can you please mail me over my e-mail -

It would be really helpful.



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