Error creating project template

08-13-2021 06:29 AM
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I want to create a project template based on a map that contains data from an enterprise database. I get an error message for layers retrieved via a database connection file that does not store user and password. The error is: ERROR 001707: Data cannot be opened: SDE (SERVER = xxxxxxx; INSTANCE = sde: oracle $ xxxxxxxxxx $ xxx; DBCLIENT = oracle; ....

The reason why the user and password are not stored in the database connection file is that the users must connect with their own DB-user to create a new project from the template.
No error when users/password is stored in the database connection file.

Is it a bug? If not, how can users connect/switch to their own DB-user?
I do not want to create a template for each user.

I am using Pro 2.7.

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Create a project template—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

lists the options available.  If nothing specific there comes to mind, you might want to contact Tech Support to see if you use-case can be resolved

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We set up OSA logins associated with users, that works nicely for templates

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