Error 000229 when appending from a hosted layer into a local database.

09-24-2020 10:59 AM
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We have scheduled four geoprocessing tools which appends collected data from four hosted feature layers on AGOL into four local database tables. The tools are scheduled every night.  Five of the six days of scheduled appends were successful, but one of the days produced an error for each of the four scheduled tools:

"When running a geoprocessing tool, ArcMap returns the following error message:
Error 000229: Cannot open <value>.
This error message indicates the data required by the geoprocessing tool is unavailable or invalid. However, the error message can display when the data is valid and accessible if background geoprocessing is enabled."

Each tool is scheduled to run at the same time. My best guess is poor internet connectivity or issues with the system health of ArcGIS online at the time the tools were scheduled.

Also, on some days we are receiving 'broken data source' exclamation marks next to the hosted web layers when they are viewed as a feature layer within an ArcGIS pro project. When we close ArcGIS pro and then restart the project the broken data sources are repaired. 

Does anyone have any ideas about the causes of this or better solution? We would like a more robust approach to appending data nightly from ArcGIS online.


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