Enterprise GDB Data in Pro - GCS/PCS

03-02-2021 08:26 AM
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Hi everyone,

Right now our company is working with static shapefiles, using NAD83 State Plane or UTM projections depending on the location of the data (US, Canada or Mexico). 

I'd like to put all related information, e.g. wind turbine locations across all our projects, into a feature class within an enterprise GDB so there's a single source to maintain and to enable serving through ArcGIS Enterprise. The analysts would then use these FCs instead of shapefiles for their day-to-day work in Pro. The GDB data would be in WGS84, the APRX would be in a local state plane or UTM projection. 

If we do continue on this path, how much potential error is introduced when working with data in GCS WGS84 in a Pro map with a State Plane projection? I know Pro projects on-the-fly so things line up visually but there's some distortion, correct?

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I would suggest switching to Web Mercator WKID 3857 for your entire enterprise GIS.

Everything in one projection and it will work better when sending it online.

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