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Enable Z values on existing feature class, available in Pro yet?

02-01-2023 11:26 AM
New Contributor III

Is it possible in Pro to enable z values on a feature class without needing to export to a new one with z values? I have a few feature classes in an sde that need to be z enabled but are connected to related tables, attachments etc. which need to be preserved that way. The ideal thing would be if each can be "upgraded" with z values, rather than being recreated.

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Esri Notable Contributor

Not my knowledge.  The Z-field is created with a new feature class with zero data in it or running the Feature Class to Feature Class GP tool.  No "upgrade" as of yet...

New Contributor III

Definitely would like to get behind this idea. As we aim to develop our Digital Twin, we certainly don't want to have to proliferate data sets (thousands) in our enterprise geodatabases. We need a user friendly method to move to a 3D GIS implementation.

Esri Notable Contributor

In reviewing this post, I came across several workflows that may work to convert 2D features into 3D features.  This Esri Support document was originally created for ArcMap users but there is one tool in particular that will convert 2D features into a 3D feature class called Interpolate Shape.  You can read more about the details here.

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